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Significant updates to the site's functionality, as well as to the cities database, are posted to this page.

September 2023

  • The database for Italy has been updated with official data from the Italian statistics bureau.

August 2023

  • The cities of India quiz is released. Thank you to Björn Buchli for providing the data.
  • Many fixes to the South Korea database, including almost 50 new cities.

June 2023

  • The database for Poland has been expanded from 4,000 cities to more than 40,000.
  • The database for India has been updated with more than 600,000 new cities. Thank you to Björn Buchli for preparing this data set.
  • The cities of the UK and cities of France quizzes are released. Thank you to nyghts for providing the data for these quizzes.

March 2023

  • The cities of Germany quiz is released.
  • German cities now include their state name. Thank you to nyghts for providing this data.

November 2022

  • The missing cities page now has a map to display the cities you missed.